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RELISH Communicating

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Dr. Sarah Colley from Pockets of Brilliance provides Product Managers a simple and effective way of structuring verbal and written communications.

The technique is called RELISH.

  1. Relatedness: Clarify the purpose of the communication and the role of the person receiving it
  2. Expression: Label the emotion that exists around the issue being communicated.
  3. Leading the Pack: Be clear about the objective of the communication.
  4. Interpersonal Connection: Empathise, connect and show that you understand.
  5. Seeing the Facts: Present key data, facts, information and milestones.
  6. Hopefulness: Address future implications and outline the next steps.

The main objective of stakeholder communications is to impart information to those in the business and parties external to the organisation.

Sarah advocates the use of RELISH to:

  • Ensure stakeholders receive the information in a manner that engages them.
  • Clarify needs, expectations and accountabilities.
  • Garner support and ‘buy in’ from stakeholders.
  • Secure resources for projects.

RELISH a simple tool to add to your Product Management kit.

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  • Jonathan says:

    Great article Brainmates. We at Pockets of Brilliance feel it important to also acknowledge the originators of methodology. The RELISH framework, development rigorously over many years by NeurpoPower is one see as one we see as the pinnacle of its type in the industry. Peter Burow and his team have offered their associates and clients a tremendous tool or immense value. They are to be fully acknowledged and warmly thanked.

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