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The Three Tenets of Product Marketing

Posted on 2 September 2014 at 12:10 by Sean Richards

Build Business : Build Brand : Enable Organisation

As Product Marketers and go-to-market professionals there are so many things we could be doing today. Sometimes it is difficult to know which activities are the most meaningful and which should be prioritised. With a few points of consideration though, we can ensure we keep our eye on the prize and use our time and resources wisely.

Fundamental Objectives

Every organisation has fundamental objectives. Perhaps it is revenue growth targets, customer engagement targets, profitability, or perhaps a service level agreement. A basic rule that helps ensure product marketing activities are grounded in what is most important is to ensure product launch objectives are aligned to an organisations fundamental objectives. This not only ensures that your go to market objectives support the organisations overall objectives, it is critical when you need to secure essential collaboration from other departments. Seems basic, but if a product marketer does not ensure organisational alignment of go to market objectives then securing interdepartmental cooperation is going to be very difficult.

The tenets I use to ensure go to market tasks are supporting the execution of a strong product launch are: Build Business, Build Brand, Enabled Organisation. If an activity does not fit well into one of these tenets then perhaps it shouldn’t be done. Continue reading...

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Marketing the Product Marketer

Posted on 21 August 2014 at 9:51 by Sean Richards

The Ultimate Value Creators and Customer Advocates

The process of promoting a product is fundamental for any business, but it is surprising how uncommon the role of Product Marketer is in many Australian organisations. Often, the task of launching a product or owning a go to market plan is shared across numerous roles like sales, marketing, product management and engineering. This is the challenge that needs addressing.

How many of you have experienced this scenario? A new product version is ready for release. To promote it the Marketing and Communications Manager gets a copy of the product features list from the product manager. This is then used to draw up a press release (including glowing quote from the product manager), an updated data sheet and a slide deck for a ‘What’s New?’ webinar. Voila, campaign ready. Naturally, the market respond poorly and another campaign falls flat. What is wrong with that picture? There is no value. This campaign is a typical example of an internally focused, feature-fuelled jibber-jabber fest. Continue reading...

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5 Minutes With Sean Richards, Product Marketing Coach & Facilitator of “Ready Set, Go To Market”

Posted on 18 August 2014 at 11:00 by Adrienne

We recently interviewed Sean Richards, Brainmates’ latest facilitator who will be training the Ready, Set, Go To Market course. The training choices for product marketers and go to market professionals were very limited in Australia and since Sean has a wealth of knowledge and experience about product marketing, we decided to create Australia’s only face to face product marketing training course.

Here’s what Sean had to say.

You have held leadership positions across product management, product marketing and field marketing for a number of years now.  What advice do you have for product and marketing professionals who want to enhance their go to market effectiveness?

I think a major challenge for any go to market professional is cutting the clutter and establishing clear, measurable objectives. The product marketing function is not well drawn in Australia. Some companies invest in well defined roles with clear responsibility. Often though the ownership of a go to market program is scattered across sales, product management, engineering, marketing or perhaps even a founding leader of a small business. Continue reading...

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“How To… Be An Impactful Product Manager”

Posted on 11 August 2014 at 4:03 by Adrienne

In small business, every person, every resource counts. Every activity needs to make an impact on the business. If it doesn’t,  stop it immediately. Course correct, identify and work on activities that help us reach our desired goals. If we don’t, we are simply wasting limited resources doing something of no value, which may have huge consequences on the business such as cash flow.

In small business, it’s always a race from the bottom.

Whilst the cusp of failure may not be as apparent for large business, I would hypothesize that a large business is equally concerned about the effective utilisation of resources.

In the context of Product Management, how might we become impactful as Product Managers? 

One way I manage my effectiveness and to make sure that the work I undertake everyday has impact, is to create a simple weekly activity list. Continue reading...

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4 Steps to Creating a Product Roadmap (Part 1)

Posted on 28 July 2014 at 12:24 by Nick Coster

The idea of a Product Roadmap is a simple one.

Provide a prioritised list of the New Products or Product Enhancements that the business will deliver to the market and show roughly when to expect them to be release/launched. Easy!

On the surface the process is a simple one too.

  1. List all products and enhancements.
  2. Prioritise products and enhancements.
  3. Schedule products and enhancements.
  4. Share the roadmap with others.

But here are some of the problems that we commonly hear that make the roadmapping process hard: Continue reading...

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