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  • UX Mastery

    Essentials of User Experience Design

    The Essentials of User Experience Design is a one-day hands on course that provides participants with the tools, techniques and the confidence to be able to communicate with UX practitioners as well as design user interactions that delight the customer.

    Price : $985 Duration : 1 Day

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    Practical Agile For Product Management

    The Practical Agile for Product Management course is an interactive one-day course for experienced product professionals who want a solid understanding of Agile development and how to write effective User Stories.

    Price : $985 Duration : 1 Day

    More info 15 August 2016 

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    Essentials of Product Management

    The Essentials of Product Management Course is provided throughout the year to professionals who want to solidify their knowledge in effective Product Management methodology and improve their skills in day-to-day Product Management activities.

    Price : AUD 2,799.00 Duration : 3 Days

    Register Melbourne: 25 July 2016

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    Business Case Writing

    The Business Case is fundamental to most Product Development activities, yet the steps required to develop one vary widely across organisations and even teams within organisations. This one day session reviews the purpose of the Business Case and provides a systematic approach to developing proposals that will support an investment by the business.

    Price : $985 Duration : 1 Day

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  • Ready Set Go To Market

    Essentials of Product Marketing

    Product Marketing is essential for creating competitive advantage, effectively matching products with buyers and forging great customer engagements. This two-day Product Marketing training course teaches participants to position their products and increase the awareness of the value of their products in the right markets.

    Price : $1990 Duration : 2 Days

    Register Sydney: 22 August 2016

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  • fundamentals

    Financial Fundamentals

    The Financial Fundamentals course is a refresher course to help Product Managers revise their financial knowledge and improve their ability to understand and explain the key financial terms that underpin the product’s performance.

    The course is a two-day interactive course designed to arm Product Managers with the language and a more thorough understanding of key financial concepts.

    Price : $2000 Duration : 2 Days

    Register 26 September 2016

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  • Customer Interviewing Masterclass

    Customer Interviewing Masterclass

    The Customer Interviewing Masterclass is an interactive one-day course designed to help Product, Marketing, and UX people who need to engage with customers and internal stakeholders in order to uncover insights, validate them (and sometimes invalidate them), and understand the results.

    Price : $985 Duration : 1 Day

    Register Sydney: 12 September 2016

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